The best solution for your procurement innovation

Nowadays, there are several solutions that take an organization’s digital transformation journey forward in the procurement value space, with the aim of bringing through innovation: savings, supplier collaboration, automation, and talent management. Mind the Value, thanks to its experience and expertise in the procure-to-pay field, can evaluate and analyze which solution is the best fit for your company’s needs in this procurement transformation path.

What we offer

Remove all the complexities of your procurement workflow and find the right partner for your business.

Mind the Value offers 360 degrees support in finding the best solution for your needs thanks to the partnership with SAP Ariba, which allows you to have a structured solution but at the same time flexible, with a broad product portfolio and a global presence, allowing the networking necessary for the digital transformation we are experiencing.


What you can get


Manage your digital and procurement transformation in a single solution.

Gain the benefit of a B2B solution that allows you to connect to the world’s largest network of vendors and suppliers, enabling your organization to collaborate with the right business partners, all while providing deep visibility into your internal supplier and procurement management processes, resulting in error-free business transactions. You can therefore remove the complexities of your procurement process by allowing you to manage all key supplier management terms on a single network. In fact, our solution is fully integrated with various SAP ERP solutions such as SAP ECC and S/4 HANA, but master and transactional data can be easily integrated from different ERP solutions.

Why SAP Ariba

A broad portfolio of solutions for all your procure-to-pay processes.


A broad portfolio of solutions for all your procure-to-pay processes.

SAP Ariba is an integrated platform that allows buyers and suppliers to connect in a single marketplace. An innovative cloud-based solution that improves, among other things, an organization’s supplier management system. SAP Ariba digitally transforms the supply chain, procurement, and contract management process.

Ariba solution portfolio

Ariba Network

Ariba Network is the cloud-based network where buyers and suppliers can collaborate through the portal. Buying organizations can use Ariba Network for finding suppliers and executing automated business transactions (from order to payment processing), giving buyers the ability to better manage the entire procurement process. Suppliers, for their part, use Ariba Network to find new business opportunities and to work more efficiently & effectively with their customers on all shared aspects of commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, advance shipment notices, invoices, and payments, firmly establishing their role as an essential partner.

SAP Ariba Sourcing

It is a strategic sourcing solution that unifies all life cycle management into a single platform, suitable for companies of any size, industry, or geography, bringing sustainable results. Thanks to the integration of your ERP with Ariba Network and Ariba Sourcing, your souring managers will be able to manage the entire sourcing process from a single and simple dashboard: from sourcing requests’ creation to the collaboration the vendors, to the monitoring of the execution, to the assignment of a score to the suppliers' answers and to the assignment of the awards. Obviously, the flow is more efficient when integrated with SAP S/4 HANA. Summing up, the sourcing manager can benefit from strategy development, sourcing, negotiating, monitoring, then managing suppliers and agreements.

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

A solution to improve sourcing efficiency, reduce risk, and unlock new savings opportunities for your business. With our implementation of SAP Ariba Spend Analysis you can have all the necessary spending and supplier insights in a single dashboard and leverage machine learning algorithms to spot most meaningful insights. We assist your organization in making reliable and robust spending decisions by providing 360-degree enterprise-wide visibility of procurement data. As a result, you'll benefit from savings by identifying quick wins, developing lists of opportunities that produce a stronger sourcing pipeline, and finally, you'll be able to better monitor global sales activities to improve compliance.

SAP Ariba Buying

If you want to maximize the efficiency, visibility, compliance, and control of your front-end procurement-order processes SAP Ariba Buying is the right solution for your needs, no matter your company’s size or industry. Ariba Buying helps buyers through a configurable interface with simplified and always updated catalogs, providing a guided, flexible and fast purchasing experience. All of this will be smoothly integrated with ERP systems to support invoice and payment processing. Lastly, you will be able to reduce maverick spending with Spot Buy feature, which will connect you with the most qualified available vendors through the Ariba Network, enabling simple, fast, and secure procurement outside of your regular catalogs. Empower us to make you work more strategically, easily, and smart by automating and integrating your purchasing lifecycle.

Business Benefits

Through our solutions in procurement innovation, you can gain several benefits for your business and can be categorized into three macro-categories.


You will benefit from hard savings, soft savings, and cost reduction thus bringing value to your business, leading to supplier innovation, ensuring a sustainable supply chain, and finally allowing your organization to better manage risk.

Supplier collaboration

Thanks to Ariba Network, the world’s most powerful B2B marketplace and trading platform, you will benefit from the best collaboration between buyers and suppliers.


Get all the innovation you need with SAP Ariba applications that empower you to eliminate operational, administrative and tactical tasks. This gives you a smarter, more streamlined, automated, and focused procurement function.

Why Mind the Value


A team of experts for your Procure to Pay process.

Entrust our professionals with decades of experience in procurement and digital transformation to bring the innovation you need to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your procure-to-pay process.

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