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Guide your company towards business process efficiency, leveraging our optimization methodologies that are the result of years of experience.

At Mind the Value, we strongly believe that only knowing their own processes, companies can act to improve performances. That is why we have decided to create a dedicated BPMI practise in our company, encouraged by the long and deep experience in process analysis and improvements application gained on different realities.

What’s BPMI?

Business process management is a disciplined method to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve and optimize business processes. It has the aim to reach improvement in the company processes by knowing them.

what is bpmi
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Our Approach

Over the years, we built a consolidated approach to BPMI methodologies

Our proposition foresees the following steps:

• We provide an analysis of the company processes in terms of procedures, roles and ERP coverage.

• We identify possible improvement areas.

• We engage in process re-design operations or adjustment definition.

• We define an action plan with KPIs measurement and expected results set up

• We define a Change management plan

• We engage in improvements development, including also training and change management activities.

• We support process monitoring and results measurement with benchmark KPIs.

  • MTV Project Managers, together with our team of process and ERP specialists, accompany our clients in all of these steps. We work close to the Business Process Owners during the entire project lifecycle to ensure the correct commitment at all levels.

MTV Project Managers, together with our team of process and ERP specialists, accompany our clients in all of these steps. We work close to the Business Process Owners during the entire project lifecycle to ensure the correct commitment at all levels.

Order To Cash Offerings

A more effective Order to Cash cycle, to improve customer relationship and warehouse management.

Rely on Mind The Value expertise to optimize your Order To Cash flows: we apply our BPMI methodology to analyze and enhance all those processes from the order entry up to the goods delivery to customers, passing through the warehouse management, the dispatching process and the transportation. Our offering includes any intervention on all mentioned processes and more, based on the customers specificities.

otc offering

Succes Stories

Discover our Success Stories

OTC success story 1

Logistics Redesign

We adopted our BPMI methodology to help one of our clients to re-design its Production-Logistics process. The objective was to reduce not sellable products stored in the warehouse, managing the occasional production with a correct segregation of duties. To achieve this, new business and ERP procedures were studied and implemented, leading to a considerable reduction of not sellable stock in inventory. BPMI activities also increased awareness on production procedures to reduce the generation of this kind of stock, and led to a correct segregation of cost and responsibilities.

OTC success story 2

Full traceability

Our BPMI approach was deployed to guarantee a full traceability from Customer PO till raw materials and components used to produce our client’s shipped products. The main goal of the project was to effectively record product history, being also able to identify the responsible of any non-conformity. The incoming process of raw materials and components was enhanced through the analysis and implementation of new business and ERP procedures. As a result, our client was provided with greater process awareness, together with the ability to rely on the full traceability of its products to reply to customers complains.

OTC success story 3

Delivery tracking process

In order to have the entire history of an order in one place, one of our clients relied on our BPMI offering to optimize its delivery tracking process. With our support, the information collected from the carriers via web and on mobile application were recorded on the company ERP: this guaranteed an effective tracking of the order till its deliver to the customer. The main benefits for our client were an improved reporting and a consistent reduction of the information collection process, together with a more effective reaction to customers’ complaints.

Supply Chain Planning Offerings

A new and more advanced Supply Chain, with improved planning capabilities and optimized order management.

Leverage on BPMI potential to enhance your Supply Chain: with the help of Mind the Values’s teams, you can improve all those planning processes that are meant to balance supply and demand, to optimize the customer requirements coverage. Our BPMI approach covers all the activities related to the Supply Chain, spanning from demand planning and forecast process to order promising and allocation management.

Supply chain planning offering

Success Stories

Discover our Sucess Stories

Supply chain success story 1

Dates reliability improvement program

We engaged with one of our customers in a dates reliability improvement program, with the objective to increase the company’s accountability towards its customers. Relying on our BPMI approach, we monitored, fixed and enhanced the company’s ERP system, also providing an effective training to final users. This led to a reduction of system errors during allocation and dates confirmation activities and improved company’s on-time delivery KPI, increasing the overall service level of the company.

Supply chain success story 2

Stock exchange efficiency and timing

With the help of Mind The Value’s BPMI offering, one of our clients reviewed and fixed its intra-company stock exchange process. The company’s goal was to reduce inefficiency and avoid the misusage of its ERP system: to guarantee this result, new business and ERP procedures were studied and implemented on master data management, stock transport orders parameters and usage, forecast process and MRP. As a result, our client achieved an improvement in stock exchange efficiency and timing, increasing its ERP accountability and process awareness.

Supply chain success story 3

Complexity reduction

One of our customers wanted to reduce complexity and allocation and promising errors, increasing efficiency in production planning and scheduling. To achieve this, we adopted our BPMI approach to guide the company in an improvement program of its planning process, studying and implementing new business and ERP procedures on its planning tools, master data management and MRP parameters. This led to a consistent errors reduction on promised dates and increased the company’s ERP accountability, together with its efficiency in production planning and scheduling

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