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In Operational Consulting, we offer services aimed to support daily business operations.

Our offers

Mind the Value supports their clients in all the activities related to ERP implementation, E-commerce solutions and the operational systems used.

Our Offer includes:

● SAP implementation projects;

● E-commerce solutions design and implementation;

● Complex template solutions and roll out for geographical areas, with management of all project activities in a functional area.

Operational Optimization

Operational Optimization

We have a strong team of experienced consultants who are adept at adopting Business Process Management techniques to operationalise all key business processes.

Operational Efficiency

Using agile and personalized methods, we raise operational performance across the whole of an organisation in a very short time, with high levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


SAP suite, Artificial Intelligence, Ecommerce Optimizer

SAP suite

We develop customised solutions that cater to the specific business requirements of our clients and offer them with the best market practices. We help our clients to gain more efficient, agile and scalable IT operations and management.

Address everyday challenge and monitor business performance

Empower your organisation to overcome everyday challenges. Our Operational Consulting Services help companies reconfigure critical processes, systems and behaviours supporting the usiness to achieve their goals


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