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Our SAP experts will guide you from software selection to post implementation support

Market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, databases and analytics, and with over 200 million users worldwide, SAP® Business is the ideal suite for all industries and for organizations of all sizes. To help clients face their operational and organizational challenges, Mind The Value is specialized in functional design and technical implementation of SAP® ERP solutions. Leveraging years of experience and the partnership with SAP®, we develop cutting edge tools that help organizations compete in complex markets and redefine their business models.

We run in-depth process analysis to define the business requirements of our clients, and work on a personalized, integrated, and industry-specific ERP System to increase their business’ generated value. Our goal is not just to automate and optimize current processes: we review the everyday challenges that our clients face and constantly monitor their performances, to create solutions that truly help them improve their businesses.

Business Integration with SAP

As SAP Gold Partner, we are committed to deliver a more agile, personalized method to achieve end-to-end business optimization, by tackling operational efficiency with an integrated set of the latest solutions available from the SAP suite.


The latest generation of SAP suite

Latest generation of SAP suite, with in memory HANA database, SAP FIORI app library and SAP UI5 user interface. ​ Drive business innovation with never-seen-before intuitive and user friendly functionalities. Support the development of new business models through the use of real-time reporting and the flexibility of SAP Cloud Platform integration

Digital Transformation​

High-performing SAP solutions on web browser

Consolidated experience with SAP UI5 technology to develop high-performing and user-friendly SAP solutions on web browser. ​ In-house developed applications and functionalities with the newest intelligent technologies. We tailor and personalise disruptive technologies on our Clients needs and processes

Supply Chain Management​

A tool to master all supply chain processes

Master all supply chain processes by managing high volume warehouse operations with SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Implement supply chain monitoring, sales and operations planning, demand management, inventory planning, response and supply planning, supply chain analytics, what-if simulation with SAP Integrated Business Planning. Create direct and intelligent connections between customers, suppliers and the solution providers with SAP Ariba.​

SAP Industry Solutions​

Some of the most innovative industry-specific solutions

Expert in some of the most innovative industry-specific solutions, such as SAP Mill, focused on mill product industries and profit-driven supply chain; SAP Fashion Management Solution, to manage specific processes as Multi-channel planning, ATP with segmentation, seasonality management, Decentralised Warehouse Management

SAP ERP Suite​

All of the functional areas of ERP solution

Focus on all functional areas of ERP solution: Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Quality Management, Material Management, Financial Accounting and Controlling, Project System, Plant Maintenance, Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP Consolidation​

Standardisation of processes according to a unique model

Specialised in complex multi-country SAP Consolidation projects, including both harmonisation of data, processes and solutions, and post-merge scenario management.​ Standardisation of processes according to a unique model shared by the whole company, to support decision- making with relevant analytics an innovative Business Intelligence​

Innovation Culture

When it comes to innovation, our philosophy is simple: we create innovative solutions to enable growth and provide businesses with the right technologies to improve their processes and succeed in their daily challenges. Through the years, our Tech Labs has developed several applications which can be integrated with different SAP®'s solutions to enhance new functionalities, optimize our clients' operations and simplify their interactions with the ecosystem SAP®

Big Data Production Analytics

Big Data Production Analytics

Our calculation application can reduce elaboration time from 8 hours to 8 seconds, ensuring several levels of granularity of data visibility

High performance Business Process

High performance Business Process

Our fast order entry tool guarantees quick and intuitive interface and features, reducing manual entry time of sales orders form 3 minutes to 3 seconds.

On-line Business Intelligence

On-line Business Intelligence

Our BI Dashboard enables to perform on the fly aggregation an computation operations, ensuring an extremely fast extraction of all key figures

User-friendly Allocation Cockpit:

User-friendly Allocation Cockpit:

Our allocation Cockpit is provided with a user-friendly graphical interface that makes all relevant information directly available on the screen

Mobile App

Mobile App

Our mobile application offers an intuitive user experience and works in offline mode, enabling multi-source information acquisition

Our Skills



Mind The Value guarantees full coverage of all professional project skills. We are experts in both internal and external communication and carry deep know-how related to Change Management activities. Our teams achieved important project management certifications, such as PMP and Prince2, and can become the right strategic partner to achieve your project success.


Mind The Value has multi-year experience in managing complex SAP Projects, becoming strategic partner of the major players in the market. Our expertise in the implementation of ERP solutions covers all the relevant functional areas of organizations, and is combined with relevant experience in designing and implementing other strategic digital solutions such as BPM and Supply Chain Management tools.


sap migration


Get the maximum value for your business with SAP S/4 HANA, a truly modern intelligent ERP system with built-in advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, to transform your business processes with intelligent automation. Discover more

sap ibp


Enhance your planning capabilities with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), a cloud-based planning solution powered by SAP HANA that combines 6 different modules dedicated to planning activities, to optimize and monitor your entire supply chain. Discover more

sap s4 treasury


Cover all aspects of your treasury and risk management processes with one integrated set of solutions: SAP S4 Treasury tool can harmonize and simplify business process, ensuring a safe payment procedure and boosting data tracking and reporting. Discover more


Products & Offerings

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Success Story

Success story


Find out how an international manufacturing group in the specialty cable industry embarked in a complex journey to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA, with over 6000 users involved across more than 30 different countries.

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