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As organizations grow bigger, so does the complexity of their activities. Understanding large companies’ processes becomes harder and harder, calling for a structured system to support business analysis. Mind the Value seeks to assist its clients in this rising challenge, helping them to re-define, optimize and streamline their business processes. To achieve this goal, we rely on IBM Process Mining, an automated business process mining tool created to enhance your business optimization capabilities.

Why IBM Business Automation


Discover all the benefits of a state-of-the-art process mining software: IBM Process Mining not only allows to identify bottlenecks and critical activities, but also delivers customized analytics and advanced resource management reporting. Developed by experts in the sector, myInvenio uses the latest technologies to create customized maps of business process data and identify resources within workflows. Leverage on IBM Process Mining integrating full potential to drive the maximum value for your business.

At Mind The Value, we guarantee a full integration of IBM Process Mining with your company’s systems, providing an automatic interface to keep your tool always up-to-date for your real time analysis. We are IBM Business Automation’s key partner for SAP integration: discover our ready-to-use data extractor to automatically feed IBM Process Mining with SAP stored information, without any further parametrization.

Discover more about IBM Process Mining

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Main area applications

process workflow

Process Workflow

Process Workflow features enable companies to break down step by step all the events performed to achieve a specific business goal. Discover more

data analytics

Data Analytics

Spot meaningful patterns in your business processes and gain valuable operating insights of your performance. Discover more

Resource Management

Resource Management

Tackle your resource management challenges with innovative, high-performance analysis. Discover more

Case Study

IBM case study

Procure to Pay Flow Optimization

Discover how we optimized a Procure to Pay flow thanks to IBM Process Mining, one of the top notch tool for business process mining.

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