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In today’s business environment, one of the most important imperatives for companies is to have extensive project management capabilities. Whether it concerns a technological improvement, a new regulatory policy or a disruptive market innovation, organizations are constantly asked to react both to external and internal changes to remain competitive in their business environment. MTV Cross Process Business Unit helps our clients to successfully manage all the different phases of project lifecycle and to effectively align and coordinate distinct initiatives inside an organization, counting on a wide portfolio of project and program management competences.

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When it comes to Project Management activities, our MTV Team brings deep technical and process knowledges, supporting project teams to take strategic decisions and providing a critical overview on technical solutions. Mind the Value helps all the stakeholders involved in a project to understand the “big picture” and facilitates organizational change by promoting Change Management initiatives. We identify cross-portfolio dependencies and provide indications to uniform the management within projects belonging to the same program, helping companies to maximize project value.  

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We guide your business towards sustainable growth through operating process optimization and the implementation of the right IT systems to support it.


When a company needs to take on a temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or result, this means that it’s embarking in a new project. Usually, these initiatives are not executed one at a time, but companies undertake multiple projects simultaneously, calling for an organizational structure that centralizes, coordinates, and oversees this complex portfolio (Program Management Office).

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To help our clients achieve their project goals, we cover both Project Management and Program Management Office activities and support organizations through the entire project lifecycle.
Project Management

Project Management involves the activities of planning, organizing, securing, monitoring and managing the necessary resources and work to deliver specific project goals and objectives in an effective and efficient way. This includes the management of the entire project scope, project team and resources, ultimately determining the success or failure of the initiative.


PMOs activities standardize project-related governance processes and facilitate the sharing of resources and tools. They may also serve as centers of excellence, while others more align project and program work to corporate strategy across an enterprise. PMOs may support to a single complex project, coordinate multiple projects at business unit level or promote methodologies to improve project performance within the whole organization.


MTV project and program managers are our customers’ partners: they undergo the same path and provide them all the necessary support.

We approach the business challenges leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage to help achieve the results, along with the right processes, the right technology and with the right strategy behind it. We know that every company is unique, and we work as partners with our clients to identify the solution that is best suited for their requirements.

PM offering

Project Management

Ensure the success of your project initiatives with the support of Mind the Value’s Teams: we leverage on the know-how gained in our international project management experiences to guide you through the entire project lifecycle and ultimately facilitate change across your organization. Discover more



Enhance your projects’ portfolio management with MTV PMO offering: our contribution guarantees a consistent management approach of projects within the same program and facilitates monitoring and coordination activities of multiple initiatives across the organization.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Rely on our business consulting expertise to gain powerful insights and boost your business processes, analyzing flows and procedures with advanced mining tools and identifying a clear roadmap towards viable innovation and alternatives to-be solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Build with us a solution for Machine Learning implementation tailor made on your company’s needs: we will support you though the entire process, from requirements definition to the physical deployment of your ideas.

process mining

Process Mining

Discover the full potential of IBM MyInvenio: by retrieving and elaborating elaborating data from market-leading applications, MyInvenio empower you to create customized maps of business process data, identify resources within workflows, and optimize and streamline your business processes. Discover more


SAP S/4 Hana Migration

Discover a truly modern intelligent ERP system with SAP S/4 HANA, your new enabler for effective digital transformation. Mind The Value will provide your organization with all the necessary support and expertise to get the best out of your S/4 Hana® solution. Discover more

Case Studies

Discover more about our projects

Project Management

Project Management

Learn about the journey of an international manufacturing group that substituted its ERP system with an advanced IT solution, adapting it to the specific needs of its different businesses. Discover more

Program Management

Program Management

Discover how a leading manufacturing worldwide group supported its ERP system substitution with a set of change management initiatives that helped business users gain confidence with the new tool. Discover more

Business Consulting

Process Review

Find out about how an international organization faced the huge budget reduction determined by COVID19, defining a immediate recovery plan to reallocate its external resources and guarantee the restart of projects after the pandemic situation. Discover more

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