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Seize the opportunity to optimize your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management is one of the crucial elements that drive business profitability: an optimized supply chain enables companies to increase sales and to reduce production and distribution costs. Nowadays, it is essential to align the Supply Chain with company strategy and the business environment, operating in an integrated way with multiple stakeholders. Mind the Value SCP Business Unit is formed by a team of professionals that can support your company to achieve all these goals, relying on advanced technological solutions and an extensive experience in business consulting.

We can help you achieve amazing things

We can help you achieve amazing things

The Supply Chain Planning Business Unit helps clients to improve their forecast accuracy with sophisticated forecasting algorithms and error measurements. With our support, organizations build unique solutions that boost strategic, tactical, and operational planning and optimize all their Supply Chain processes, reducing inventory, improving customer service, and minimizing time-to-market. We enhance collaboration with other business partners through the implementation of social collaboration tools and help organizations build effective reporting systems.

Process Map

We guide your business towards sustainable growth through operating process optimization and the implementation of the right IT systems to support it.


Supply Chain is the set of tools and information needed to coordinate the production and distribution of goods and services. The processes referred to the Supply Chain connect many different stakeholders and are composed of all the necessary activities to deliver a product or service to the company’s customers.

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Among the different activities that are pivotal for effective Supply Chain Management, Mind the Value focuses on Supply Chain design, Supply Chain Optimization, Sales and Operations planning, and Integrated business planning.

Supply Chain design

Supply Chain design process identifies the intersections/hubs that occur in a network (e.g. plants, warehouses) and establishes physical and informational links among these hubs/intersections.

Supply Chain optimization

Supply Chain optimization deals with the enhancement of all the activities necessary to coordinate the production and distribution processes of goods and services, to achieve sales increases and cost reduction, and increase business profitability.

Sales and Operations planning

Sales and Operations planning process (SOP) compares market demand with the company’s production capacity. The result is a well-defined plan for the current and the following months that is shared between Sales/Marketing and Planning departments.

Integrated business planning

Integrated business planning is an integrated approach to planning activities that enable companies to synergically operate with all their business partners, monitoring the sharing of information (Business Network Collaboration).


We deliver winning strategies enabled by the right processes and technology.

We approach the business challenges leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage to help achieve the results, along with the right processes, the right technology and with the right strategy behind it. We know that every company is unique, and we work as partners with our clients to identify the solution that is best suited for their requirements.

SAP IBP Offering


Enhance your planning capabilities with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), a cloud-based planning solution powered by SAP HANA that combines 6 different modules dedicated to planning activities, to optimize and monitor your entire supply chain. Discover more

SAP APO Offering


Address most of your supply chain areas with one single tool: SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization solution (APO) can support your organization to integrate all main Supply Chain activities into one consistent model, creating a very close match between supply and demand. Discover more

Supply Chain Guru


Design and optimize your Supply Chain structures and flows with Supply Chain Guru, a software that adopts a visual approach to help you spot inefficiencies and improvement opportunities in your Supply Chain flow

SOP Offering


Enhance your abilty to make plans for the future. Discover more

Case History

Case study Supply chain harmonization

Supply Chain Harmonization

Learn about the harmonization process of a manufacturing group’s Supply Chain that decided to integrate its local ERP system to achieve a more efficient information flow and to standardize different procedures within the group

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