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In today’s digital business environment, Procure-to-Pay (PTP) activities offer a great opportunity to exploit the benefits of digital transformation. The high level of interaction between different stakeholders and the high volume of information that needs to be exchanged throughout the process make the PTP flow an ideal candidate for automation and digitalization initiatives. MTV Procure to Pay Business Unit guides organizations in the automation process of their PTP flow, helping them to redesign core activities and to adopt the right digital tool to enhance the entire process.

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The Procure to Pay Business Unit supports our clients to perform in-depth analysis to spot improvement areas, favoring process re-engineering and optimization. We help companies to implement tools that promote innovation adoption and reduce to a minimum the risk of potential errors. MTV Teams support our customers to identify best practices to be adopted across the organization’s procurement chain and provide organizations with the right tool to gain a full overview of their procurement flow.

Process Map

Achieve your Procurement flow’s full potential: we will guide you through accurate business process analysis and the definition of custom-based solutions.


Procure-to-pay process consists in the coordinated and integrated set of actions taken to fulfill a requirement for goods or services in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

PTP process
ptp process 2


We provide analysis and solutions to optimize the entire Procurement flow, focusing on the activities related to the source for goods and the purchase requisition, the effective purchase and the reception of the order and, lastly, the creation of the supplier invoice and accounts payable.


An effective vendor management process ensures timely identification of and communication with vendors, allowing them to determine their capability, commitment level and strategic alignment with the company.


Contract management is a business process that ensures that the contract is properly managed through its lifecycle, from their inception to their execution by the chosen party and, finally, to their termination.


Procurement governance defines how organizations make purchasing and supply management decisions, plan for the future, and get the most out of their existing resources.


The incoming quality system is a well-planned and developed procedure which aims to assure the incoming quality of raw materials, subassemblies and parts received by the supplier.

Achieve your Procurement flow’s full potential: we will guide you through accurate business process analysis and the definition of custom-based solutions.


We approach the business challenges leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage to help achieve the results, along with the right processes, the right technology and with the right strategy behind it. We know that every company is unique, and we work as partners with our clients to identify the solution that is best suited for their requirements.

Procure to pay assessment

Procure to Pay Assessment

Optimize your Procurement Flow with our Procure to Pay Assessment: with the help of an advanced process mining tool, we break down your procurement chain and identify its weaknesses, to improve your process performance and build an optimal model.

Procure to Pay Automation Tool

Procure to Pay Automation Tool

Adopt an automated tool to support your procurement activities, leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to lower the risk of mistakes and speed up invoice procedures.

Account Assignment Monitoring  App

Account Assignment Monitoring App

Rely on our expertise to build a customed Account Assignment application, identifying the solution tailored on your specific needs that enables you to control the entire process and analyze the source of business expenses.

E -Procurement


Gain a full overview of your Procure-to-Pay flow with Ariba e-procurement solution, an advanced tool that helps you monitor all of your procurement activities, spanning from the source of supply to the payment process. Discover more

Procure to Pay​ Value Targeting

Procure to Pay​ Value Targeting

Reorganize your procurement governance organization with our Procure to Pay Value targeting offer: we will perform assessments and detailed studies to redesign your structure and will provide you with dedicated tools specifically developed to monitor the procurement process.


Document Management System

We are partners of DDM Technology and we offer complete support in the implementation of the Document Management Add On natively integrated into SAP. Discover more

Success Story

PTP Flow Optimization

PTP Flow Optimization

Discover how a leading company in the manufacturing industry optimized the PTP flow thanks to a business process analysis followed by a custom solution based on automation. By analyzing invoices, it is possible to check vendors’ late and early payments, how they are distributed in time and how vendors are strategically managed. Furthermore, analyzing orders allows having a clearer vision of resource allocation, vendors, and amounts. 

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