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Drive all the value you can get from your e-commerce solution. Mind The Value supports companies that choose a Magento e-commerce platform with personalized consulting services, according to each client’s specific needs. Relying on our extensive digital know-how, we help organizations to optimize their e-shop, implementing the best platforms available on the market.

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We leverage our partnership with Adobe to realize complete Magento Commerce solutions. When it comes to the implementation of new e-commerce platforms, Mind The Value approach is based on a complete redesign of the company’s digital strategy: we realize integrated solutions building a unique e-shop experience, combining it with other advanced technologies to provide all the features that our client needs.

Cloud On premis solution

On Premises or Cloud Solutions

Our solutions are flexible and scalable, to adapt to each company’s digital strategy and to exploit all its future growth potential. The different Magento offers, Open Source and e-Commerce, are suited for projects of any kind of complexity and dimension, guaranteeing a dynamic platform that can be easily integrated with other systems.

It’s time to raise your game: migrate to Magento 2, the new Magento platform more efficient and secure than ever

magento migration

As Adobe certified partners, we will guide you in the adoption of the new Magento 2.0 solution.

As the provider’s official support for Magento 1 platform has expired, we design and develop for our clients system migration to Magento 2. We can guide your company through the upgrade of Magento system, providing you all the support you need to adopt a new and optimized solution with innovative features

Our activities span from the management of data and functionalities migration to the optimization of the e-commerce performance through the implementation of new advanced features. We also help our clients to prevent and mitigate all the risks related to security issues and system obsolescence.

Why Magento 2?

Performance Improvement

The new Magento 2 solution offers reduced page loading time, a correction of previous version’s bugs and optimization for SEO and Google search

New User Experience

Magento 2’ s interface is more user friendly and offers a more intuitive navigation experience, combined with a back-end redesign to effectively manage newsletter and pricing rules

Improved Product Catalogue Management

The latest Magento version has better ordering and filtering options and can display more products in the same page, with the possibility to enrich offerings with product attributes and videos

Optimized Shopping Experience

Magento 2 enables One click registration of new accounts and offers sure payment methods optimizing PayPal, Braintree e CyberSource

Mobile Friendly

Magento 2’s back-end is easy to use also on mobile devices, thanks to the introduction of new features such as mobile responsive template and touch-friendly navigation

Magento Marketplace

the new Magento version guarantees full access to Magento marketplace, to personalize e-shops with additional third-party components that have been accurately verified and tested.

Success Story

A new E-commerce platform to support international expansion

A leading company in the Italian food supplement market wanted to penetrate new foreign countries, becoming a global player in the industry through the adoption of an innovative e-commerce solution. To support our client in its internationalization process, we helped them build an advanced e-commerce platform with an innovative design, promoting a rebranding campaign to adapt to the new global context. The project scope involved the design and the implementation of all e-commerce functionalities, together with the integration of such functionalities with the existing business processes and technology. Advanced marketing features were joined into this new e-commerce platform: for the first time, Joomla and Magento solutions were integrated in one unique customer experience. In addition, 7 different brands of the group, originally managed separately, were joined under the same domain, content website and ecommerce solution, to convey a more consistent and comprehensive image of the whole company. The result was a new e-commerce platform that leveraged on multi-level customer experience and innovative web design to support the company rebranding and its expansion into foreign markets.

Success story

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