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The rise of digital technologies has led to new ways of exchanging goods and services in the digital marketplace: one of the greatest challenges that companies face nowadays is to exploit these technological advancements to enhance their relationship with the customer and their marketing results. MTV Sales and Marketing Business Units supports our clients to optimize their sales processes through the strategic use of digital channels and the extensive analysis of their strategic goals, competitors and general market trends, to identify the best solution for each company’s needs.

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MTV Sales and Marketing Business Unit helps our clients to develop custom solutions that maximize their online sales and marketing results. We support organizations to acquire new potential customers, simplify their selling process, and increase the frequency of purchases from existing clients. To achieve this, we leverage on advanced marketing technologies and techniques at various stages of the acquiring journey.

Process Map

We help you identify the right tool to boost your marketing strategy and Make Digital Innovation your core competitive advantage.


When it comes to marketing and sales, our main goal is to overhaul the entire user experience processes: this involves designing the entire navigation flow by identifying new touch points within an omnichannel strategy, integrating branding, design, usability and functionality aspects.

S&M process1
S&M process2

Our approach to supporting sales generation integrates marketing, sales and customer service processes by leveraging advanced marketing technologies and techniques at various stages of the purchasing journey to convert site traffic into a targeted, recurring purchases.


To help our clients enhance their marketing strategy, we focus on the acquisition of new clients, the simplification of the sale process and the retention of existing customers.

The Acquisition process is mainly based on winning new potential customers through the buyer personas definition and the implementation of an integrated marketing strategy that involves paid and organic, inbound and outbound methods.


The Sales process has the goal of simplifying the purchasing journey of the customer by creating an easy navigation of the catalog of products and services and a fast and effective checkout through integration with payment systems, billing and delivery flows.


The Retention process aims at increasing the frequency of purchases from existing customers, designing a marketing strategy to retain and build customer loyalty.


We deliver winning strategies enabled by the right processes and technology. In the best way.

We approach the business challenges by leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage to help achieve the results, along with the right processes, the right technology, and the right strategy behind it. We know that every company is unique, and we work as partners with our clients to identify the solution that is best suited for their requirements.

ecommerce offering


Rely on our support to build your e-commerce platform: as Adobe certified partner, we are specialized in the creation and optimization of e-commerce solutions, assisting our clients in software migration, plugin installation and user behavior monitoring. Discover more

ecommerce optimization offering

E-commerce Optimization

We guide customers towards e-commerce optimisation in order to increase value creation and boost online growth. Discover more

Websites and Digital Platforms

Websites and Digital Platforms

Design with us your own website or digital platform: our support is not only limited to technical activities, but we also assist our clients to structure their website, to strategically design the user experience and to select and to create meaningful contents. Discover more

Advanced marketing

Advanced marketing

Boost your digital marketing strategy with our advanced marketing initiatives, implementing tracking systems to monitor your customers’ behavior, optimizing your SEO activities, defining and scheduling effective marketing campaigns and automating your services with machine learning technology. Discover more

CRM offering

CRM Implementation

Get a unified view of your customers anticipate their need and build a profitable relationship with them. Discover more

Virtual Fair offering

Virtual fair

Get everything you need to better connect with your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Virtual Fair is the solution that makes producing your event a breeze. Discover more

Case Studies


E-commerce internationalization

E-commerce internationalization

Discover how a leading company in the Italian food supplement became a global player by adopting an innovative e-commerce solution. Discover more

Yachting experience

Read about the redesign of the website’s user experience and structure of a newly founded yachting company, that needed its web solution to be aligned with a younger and fresher brand image. Discover more

Virtual fair

Virtual fair

Discover how the chamber of commerce of Moldova successfully adopted Virtual Fair to boost its events. Discover more

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