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Digital transformation and the rising uncertainty in the business environment are making the successful management of financial performance more and more critical for companies’ success. Financial departments nowadays need to leverage on the latest technologies to effectively analyze data and make informed strategic decisions, maximizing company’s margins and creating value for all stakeholders. Our Team at Mind The Value can help organizations face these challenges, adopting a unique approach based on extensive expertise and curiosity and guaranteeing real proactive cooperation with our customers.

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Our Financial Performance Management Business Unit has the aim to enhance companies’ financial performance, enabling them to improve working capital and profitably. We help our clients to improve their analysis capabilities, enabling them to assess profit and margin contribution at any level with real-time reporting. We also support companies to comply with accounting and financial law requirements and to improve their treasury and financial risk processes, promoting integrated and automated procedures for risk management and compliance assurance.

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We guide your business towards sustainable growth through operating process optimization and the implementation of the right IT systems to support it.


Financial Performance Management presides over all those processes related to the Finance, Controlling, and Treasury areas of an organization. It spans from tax compliance to industrial controlling, ultimately affecting the overall financial health of an organization.

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To help our clients achieve their project goals, we cover both Project Management and Program Management Office activities and support organizations through the entire project lifecycle.


The Finance Process deals with effective management of the company’s General Ledger and includes all the activities related to business transactions recording. It aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the value flows and guarantees complete and accurate accounting data. It also covers invoice verifications with regard to Account Payables and Account Receivables. Lastly, it includes all the activities related to Asset Depreciation that aims at managing and supervising fixed assets for legal and managerial purposes.


One of the main purposes of many companies’ controlling departments is to build a Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement by destination. The controlling process deals with the creation of both Flash and Actual P&L: the first one is based on shared assumption and provides an immediate good picture of the Actual one, which will be available only after the closing procedures.


Volatility mitigation in a portfolio that includes the fair value of a security and its hedging instrument as a single entry on the balance sheet.

We can help you boost your financial performance, building models and designing processes that best suit your company’s needs.


We approach the business challenges leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage to help achieve the results, along with the right processes, the right technology and with the right strategy behind it. We know that every company is unique, and we work as partners with our clients to identify the solution that is best suited for their requirements.

Charts of Account harmonization

Charts of Account harmonization

Increase your organization’s capability to drive value with a more consistent Chart of Account, aligning information and reporting needs across your organization and achieving greater flexibility to adapt to future business scenarios.

Accounting and Cost governance

Accounting and Cost governance

Improve your ability to manage your G/L Account: we developed a tool that automatically manages Cost Elements on the basis of preconfigured rules, to prevent users' mistakes and reduce redundancy and time waste.

Controlling model analysis and design

Controlling model analysis and design

Rebuild or fine tune your Controlling model, relying on our ability to understand your business requirements and to choose the right tool that best fits those requirements. Discover more

Stock slow moving  devaluation logic

Stock slow moving devaluation logic

Drive more specific devaluation results for your material batches: our tool is designed to assign an age to each batch present in your stock, allowing for a more precise and punctual inventory value. Discover more

SAP S/4 Treasury features implementation

SAP S/4 Treasury features implementation

Cover all aspects of your treasury and risk management processes with one integrated set of solutions: SAP S4 Treasury tool can harmonize and simplify business process, ensuring a safe payment procedure and boosting data tracking and reporting. Discover more

Case Study

Charts of Account Harmonization

Charts of Account Harmonization

Discover how we helped a big worldwide organization to build a unique Chart of Accounts for the whole group, linking two different SAP systems to create a fully aligned common master data, encourage intercompany flows and facilitate the company’s consolidation process.

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