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Virtual fair: the online event platform


Organize your virtual event with us and exploit all the benefits of digital, real-time networking.

The success of a trade show, business event or job fair does not depend on the number of physical interactions, but on the quality and number of opportunities it provides for participants to promote themselves, connect with stakeholders, and build new relationships.

What we offer

Organize your virtual event with us and exploit all the benefits of digital, real-time networking.

Who is Virtual Fair designed for?

Virtual fair is the perfect tool for any organization willing to organize, promote and execute a networking event in a virtual environment: business fairs, career days, university events, conferences and many more.


What you can get


Virtual Fairs is much more than a virtual environment for your events.

With Virtual Fairs you can stay up to date with the latest innovations in your industry, identify new market segments, and establish relationships with reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Virtual Fairs will also support you in improving your company’s image and in learning more about your customers’ needs.

Create and expand your database with new contacts, identify new potential buyers and grow your network.



Allow visitors to gather all information about exhibitors, find representatives’ contacts and request virtual meetings. Virtual Fairs makes networking easier and stress free for all participants. Visitors will be able to join virtual booths and exchange information through virtual avatar.


Let participants instantly interact with each other with dedicated chatting tools.

Videoconferences and webinars

Offer exhibitors and buyers the opportunity to organize roundtables and B2B sales meetings via ZOOM videocalls.

Event Creation

Create events, choose their duration, select exhibitors, partners, and visitors, and set limits to the numbers of stands. Decide every aspect of your event.

Event Management

Give exhibition managers full control over their event. Give them the freedom to decide which exhibitors and buyers should be granted access, which stands, calendars, and payments should be approved, provide them with constant information about the event and let them fully customize their virtual venue.

Reporting & Analytics

Track the performance of your event and identify opportunities for improvement thanks to Virtual Fairs integrated analytics tools.


Virtual Fair is designed to be easily integrated with many external apps, platforms and services: e-commerce, CRMs, payment providers and many more.

Multiple users role

Create different roles associated to different permissions and authorizations.

Virtual event marketing

Create pre-event marketing initiatives to increase hype and awareness of your attendees, through dedicated landing pages and email marketing campaigns.

Event sponsorships

With Virtual Fair you will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of your sponsors within your virtual venue.

Case history

Case study

Discover how the chamber of commerce of Moldova successfully adopted Virtual Fair to boost its events!

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