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Smart Applications for Industry 5.0


Toward Industry 5.0: Optimize your Business Process in an Evolving Manufacturing Factory

Smart applications make use of big data that is already available in the surrounding environment combining it with the output of other data sources to create new, valuable things: new insights, new methods, new actions. We will show you how to build smart applications on top of real-world industrial deployments, digitalizing processes and transforming them into Smart Industries.

Android applications ERP integrated

Our in-house Android application connects ERP back-end and smartphones for users who are operating in field industries and those who are working in warehouses, plants, ports and terminals. Our solution will allow full traceability on activities performed remotely or offline to avoid data loss and provide a clear picture about progresses, problems and solutions to stakeholders, which can always rely on real data.

ERP integrated apps

Web application dotnet


Our Web App is a technology-enabled solution to provide full visibility to the material in and out the plant:

  • Improve the operation of the entire business process by providing full visibility and traceability of the material weight in and out the plant.

  • Improve the material flow through efficient weighing, segregation and identification process.

  • Facilitate effective coordination between all parties involved in this process.

We are the first Italian partner of Llamasoft

We help companies align their supply chain strategy with their business strategy. Supply chain design, network optimisation, data visualisation and spend form a system that helps businesses implement practical supply chain alternatives by taking into account many aspects of the decision.


Why Mind The Value

Our consulting services to achieve accurate results.

Our results are conclusive. Our team has a strong technical and functional background and will provide all its expertise to analyse your market, providing real and valuable outputs to evaluate business strategies and opportunities. Starting from the analysis of the environment, we were able to create stable solutions, providing tools that are continuously updated with new releases to include new required features. Step by step, we gained the full know-how along all the path of the implementation, ensuring a high-quality consulting service to help leading companies to provide the best possible performances.

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