A cutting-edge integrated solution to release the full potential of your company’s business planning.

Take advantage of all the possibilities that lie behind your planning activities. Mind The Value helps companies to enhance their processes with the help of SAP IBP, a software package with six different integrated modules dedicated to the integrated business planning. Among all the different "modules" available within IBP, whether you need to optimize your use of resources and stock level or to get a real-time view on your entire supply chain, we help you to choose those best related to the needs of your company.

What we offer

A complete Optimization of your activities and processes.

We help companies to successfully implement SAP IBP, a complete business planning model running in SAP HANA cloud-based platform. IBP is the ideal solution to optimize your planning activities, spanning from demand to finance and supply business processes from strategic to operational level, offering a wide range of modules and features to assist you in your business challenges. Rely on Mind The Value consulting services to guide your company towards integrated business planning improvement: we leverage on our deep technological know-how to implement IBP solution following the most suitable approach for your strategic needs. .


What You can get

Control room

Integrated Business Planning has never been so convenient.

Discover all the benefits that come with a cutting-edge business planning solution. SAP IBP allows for a higher level of user productivity, exploiting Microsoft Excel potential for interactive planning.

It improves process control by using SAP Fiori Apps for managerial tasks and can be integrated with SAP Work Zone to enhance communication. By aggregating and disaggregating data at any level, IBP helps you enhance your data analysis and management with personalized Analytics and Dashboards, leveraging on the computational power of SAP HANA to support your business analysis providing an end-to-end supply chain visibility. Rely on an advanced strategic support for your business decisions: IBP compares different what-if scenarios and help you choose the optimal solution, identifying the best way to ultimately increase your profits.


All the functionalities you need to improve your business, in one single solution.

SAP IBP business planning model is the right tool to achieve process efficiency. Provided with a native SAP interface, it offers several modules and features to face each company’s strategic challenges.


SAP IBP modules

SAP IBP adapts to your company’s specific business needs, providing five operation-specific modules to help you successfully manage the different challenges of your organization. Discover all the different IBP modules and the challenges they can help you overcome:

Sales & Operations

Leverage on Sales and Operations IBP module to translate strategic objectives into operational plans. This module helps you align demand and supply forecasting plans, enabling your Sales and Planning departments to share a common production plan.

Forecasting and Demand Management

IBP Demand module helps your company understand and shape actual demand: it includes both traditional long-term forecasting algorithms and advanced pattern recognition ones, to help you model the demand of volatile markets.

Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDMRP)

Control the flow of material within the supply chain improving the supply chain resilience with the identification of strategic decoupling points, and managing your inventory buffers considering past material consumption or future forecasts. Moreover, DDMRP is based on actual demand so it can minimize the impact of incorrect forecasts and reduce the bullwhip effect.

Response & Supply

Response and Supply module supports you in your management and planning activities across the complex supply chain network, helping your company to respond to short term changes in both supply and demand. It helps you to optimize your use of available resources, creating effective supply plans that consider all the priorities and constraints of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Increase your data visibility and facilitate access to all the information required to analyze and manage the entire supply chain. Supply Chain Control Tower module enables you to get a real-time view of your end-to-end supply chain, allowing for an effective management of all emerging difficulties.

Inventory Optimization

Increase your ability to determine optimal inventory levels across multi-level networks. SAP IBP’s Inventory module enables you to determine your products’ optimal stock levels in all the intersections of your supply chain, minimizing costs.

SAP IBP features

Choose the best features to enhance your business.

SAP IBP’s extensive scalability allows you to add new features to the existing model, meeting your specific business objectives. Read about the unique features that can help you simplify your business:



SAP IBP optimizes your planning activities, integrating demand, financial planning, and supply business processes from strategic to operational level



SAP IBP offers real-time ‘What-If’ scenario simulation to compare multiple supply plans and to evaluate investment decisions.



SAP IBP promotes social collaboration, offering tools such as task assignment to automatically notify employees new actions to be undertaken.



SAP IBP solution offers intuitive interfaces via Microsoft Excel, Web, and Mobile



With SAP IBP, you will have access to Fiori Apps for Advanced Analytics, Process management and Supply Chain Network analysis.

Our approach



Our Supply Chain team offers a full range of expertise and capabilities to boost your revenue and growth through the design and implementation of Supply Chain Planning solutions. Our approach is the result of years of experience in complex multinational projects and help us to guide our clients towards the adoption of new, cutting-edge solutions.

Agile vs. Waterfall

Two different approaches, same success guaranteed.

We believe that there is no one-fits-all best way to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. That is why we offer two different implementation approaches, choosing the one that fits your company priorities and project constraints.


Choose an Agile approach for SAP IBP implementation to guarantee the maximum flexibility to your business. This type of approach allows for a continuous alignment to business requirements, enabling you to carry on smaller progressive re-works. Through a progressive review of your implemented solution, your IBP system will always be synchronized with your business environment.


Rely on Waterfall methodology to simplify your project scope and guarantee effective budget management and control. Waterfall approach is particularly indicated for large-scale projects, ensuring high levels of reliability and enabling your company to successfully manage interfaces and dependencies.

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