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Innovate and optimize your warehouse processes implementing SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Our expertise in SAP EWM implementation is your gateway to a streamlined, efficient, and future-proof warehouse operation.

Every warehouse activity is aimed at achieving two goals: operational accuracy and cost efficiency. SAP EWM system is a comprehensive software which allows to reach the companies’ targets through the digitalization of all the operations within the warehouse, such as picking and packing automation strategies, storage space optimization with spatial bin coordinates, and inventory management.

SAP EWM Solution

Improve efficiency and performance by automating warehouse processes

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) offers unparalleled control and visibility over your warehouse processes. From optimizing storage and movement of goods to advanced automation capabilities, SAP EWM is the solution for businesses aiming to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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What’s new in EWM for S/4

New Functionalities

Warehouse cockpit

Internal Routing

Expected Goods Receipt

Unloading of Transport units



Labor Management

Decentral Quality Inspection

Warehouse Automation (MFS)

Integration with BW

Hazardous materials management


Put Away and Removal Strategies

Wave Management


Handling Unit Management

Yard Management

RF Technology

Value Added Service/Kitting

Resource Management

Cross Docking

Dynamic Cycle Counting

Multi-Client Warehousing

Flexible Process Modelling

Layout Modelling

Our Approach

Seamless Migration from SAP WM to EWM

Starting from 2027 the support to the popular solution SAP WM will expire, therefore it is strongly suggested to embrace the opportunity of migrating the WM to EWM by choosing the deployment model which is more suitable for complexity degree of the warehouse. In S/4 Hana environment, SAP EWM can be considered the natural evolution of SAP Warehouse Management (LE-WM) as it offers advanced technology and several features improvements.The migration to SAP EWM represents a strategic and forward-thinking decision for your warehouse operations. This transition, while technically streamlined, offers far more than a mere system upgrade. It is an opportunity to significantly enhance your operational capabilities by integrating advanced functionalities previously unavailable in WM. This process not only optimizes efficiency but also aligns with contemporary business needs

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A greenfield project entails a comprehensive analysis of the warehouse requirements and its relevance within the company’s business and application landscape in order to make the most suitable deployment choice.

The complexity of the implementation project depends on the specific warehouse configuration and its processes, however these are main pillars to be followed.

Regardless of the deployment model of the implementation and the complexity of the warehouse, when implementing a Warehouse Management System it is required to put relevance in the change management activities and a significant top-down commitment should be present.

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