Drive the best possible value from your Supply Chain with SAP APO solution

Mind The Value offers your company a team of experts to help you implement one of the best planning tools available on the market. Improve your management of resources and increase your Supply Chain flexibility, leveraging on SAP APO’s advanced functionalities to optimize your planning processes.

What we offer


We help companies to implement SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) solution, a process-oriented planning tool created to support organizations to manage their supply chain operations. SAP APO is the right tool to balance your company’s push and pull planning processes, enhancing your planning activities and delivering high value-added result. Choose Mind The Value to guide you in your implementation journey: we offer a structured and well-established approach to support your company in SAP APO adoption process, to execute at best your Supply Chain activities.

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What You can Get


Boost your planning activities and improve your decision-making process.

SAP APO offers a broad set of functionalities to help you optimize your Supply Chain activities. It guarantees adherence between Forecast, Production Plan and Execution and help you to increase your plants’ productivity. Rely on SAP APO to achieve greater efficiency in your supply chain network. This tool allows for higher customer service levels , reducing the amount of inventory and product obsolescence. All of this results in a smooth integration between top level strategic plan and daily activities, improving communication and periodic monitoring.


A rich portfolio of integrated function to support your business.


Rely on SAP APO’s fully integrated set of functions to plan and execute all your supply chain processes. It supports business collaboration on a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level, also enhancing co-operation between partners at all stages of the supply chain process. SAP APO features help you cultivate customer and business partner relationships and promotes a constant optimization of your supply chain network’s efficiency.

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Discover APO’s four different modules and the results they can help you achieve.

01 Demand Planning

The Demand Planning module is a multi-dimensional, high-performance, and flexible instrument that supports the sales and requirements planning process in your company at different aggregation levels.

02 Supply Network Planning

The Supply Network Planning (SNP) optimizes Manufacturing, Distribution and Transportation processes, enabling your company to meet forecasts and actual demand while considering all supply chain constraints.

03 Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

Production Planning reacts to planning-relevant events and aligns replenishment activities with the entire logistic chain demand, balancing push and pull planning processes, in order to meet customer requirements on time and hence improve the effectiveness of your plan. Detailed Scheduling, instead, optimizes and monitors the usage of resources increasing the efficiency of the factory shop floors.

04 Global Available to Promise

Global Available to Promise (GATP) module performs availability checks on your existing stocks and other receipt elements, to support promising to customer demands and it helps your company to reduce customer demand loss, increasing customer service.

Our approach Rely on Mind The Value’s approach to achieve the best possible result for your business.

Our Success Stories

Planning Cockpit

We helped one of our clients to develop a specific planning cockpit tool to extend SAP APO’ s functionalities and allow for multiple data aggregation levels. ZEPLAN is a customized solution that enables users to visualize and analyze data according to different aggregation level (such as Plant, Sales organization, Product hierarchy, Local family) to support tactical and operative planning processes. The result is that both reporting and interactive planning activities are simplified, enabling users to choose the aggregation level that best meets their needs, and to adjust their plan accordingly.

Advanced Allocation Overview

In order to provide our client with a complete overview of their receipts and requirement allocation, we helped them developing ZMD04. This tool reports all the allocations for a specific reference dataset selected by users, enabling them to filter it by attributes of the material or of the transactional data. The result is a table that displays all the allocation for the selected dataset, and enables users to easily identify free receipt elements, pegged receipts, and in shortage requirements, and to monitor their progress.

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