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Leverage on the power of SAP S/4 Hana Treasury to boost your financial management activities.

In today’s financial world, technology is becoming a key driver to address new strategic challenges. Mind The Value seeks to assist companies in this transformation, helping them to identify and implement the right tools to effectively adapt to new market conditions. That is why we support organizations in the adoption of SAP S/4 HANA Treasury and Risk Management, one of the latest technologies to optimize your company’s financial management.

What we offer


Mind The Value offers full support in the implementation of SAP S/4 Treasury and Risk Management, a solution to optimize organizations’ financial processes and transactions. Embedded with advanced data tracking and reporting features, SAP Treasury suite covers all the main areas of Treasury management: Cash & Liquidity, Payments, Forex, Hedge Accounting and Reporting. Rely on Mind The Value expertise to drive the maximum value from SAP S/4 Platform: as SAP certified golden partners, we will be by your side to ensure a perfect fit between S/4 Treasury solution and your business processes.


What You can Get

By adopting SAP S/4, your company will be able to drastically simplify its IT landscape with one single platform. S/4 Treasury and Risk Management offers a chance to harmonize business process, creating a common platform to exploit best practices. Leverage on process automation to get rid of error-prone and time-consuming manual activities, achieving an end-to-end integration of all your financial processes.


A comprehensive portfolio of solutions to revolutionize your treasury and risk management.

With SAP S/4 Treasury, you will benefit from advanced risk management with real-time analytics: this solution provides you with powerful ad-hoc reporting, enabling your management to drill down into the underlying data and take immediate action to prevent risk. SAP Treasury solution also ensures data tracking and reporting for hedge accounting purposes, speeding up month-end processes with a complete information traceability.

Boost productivity and cut training needs with SAP software: S/4 Treasury can be used on any device with SAP Fiori User Interface, offering your employees a consistent user experience anywhere and at any time.

Secure Payment Process


A new, effective tool to manage your payment process in a completely transparent way.

Discover SAP S/4 advanced payment management system, your new ally to ensure secure and effective transactions. Approve or reject all your payments and monitor payment batches from one single platform. SAP S/4 allows you to analyze the status of batches and individual payments at different processing stages, always providing an up-to-date picture of your current financial situation.

Leverage on accurate payment statistics that display all relevant Key Performance Indicator. SAP solution allows to check all recent payments made via BCM and provides a recap of the total amount of payments, according to different filter criteria.

Why Mind the Value

Trust in our consulting services to achieve extraordinary results.

We are SAP Golden partners and guarantee the quality of SAP certified resources. Over the years, we have witnessed to several successful SAP-related projects and have acquired an extensive know-how into the development and realization of tailor-made SAP solutions. We are experts of business process optimization and guarantee the right level of flexibility to meet your company’s specific needs. Rely on our consulting services to adopt Sap S/4 Treasury solution: we will assist you in every step of your implementation journey, ensuring the best possible result.


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