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Sales & Operations Planning


An opportunity for your business to optimize your sales and operations planning processes

Our goal is to help our clients take successful strategic and tactical decisions, balancing all the different matters that exist in complex organizations. That is why Mind The Value helps companies to adopt and improve their S&OP decision making process: an opportunity for your business to optimize all the aspects related to your sales and operations activities, spanning from strategic and tactical planning to the definition and monitoring of hard KPIs

What we offer

Boost your planning capabilities and drive the maximum value from your Sales and Operations process

Mind The Value supports businesses to adopt a Sales & Operations (S&OP) decision making process, enhancing companies’ ability to make optimal plans for the future. S&OP is an opportunity for organizations to integrate their sales, marketing, production and financial plans and to set high level of ambition, focusing on more than just numbers and short-term actions. Our unique S&OP approach helps organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their sales and operations processes, providing a valuable assessment to identify business strengths and weaknesses.


What you can get


Achieve an incredible number of benefits for your business

S&OP enables your company to take better decisions with less effort and time. It provides you a window into the future, increasing Top Management’s handle on the business. Raise your company’s control and accountability levels, relying on an effective decision-making process that promotes teamwork and improves communication across your organizations. S&OP’s beneficial effects are reflected also in your company’s KPIs: achieve higher levels of customer service and plant productivity, reducing inventories and product obsolescence at the same time. S&OP promotes network, transportation and warehousing efficiencies, allowing also for shorter order, supplier, and time-to-market lead times


S&OP is a decision-making process that balances demand and supply at the aggregate level aligns sales, marketing, operational and financial planning and sets the tactical direction of the business.

S&OP approach helps disagreement between different functions to emerge, enabling companies to openly welcome and resolve them. It also puts a spotlight on accountability, increasing departments’ commitment to achieve sales and operations objectives. Typically, S&OP is a monthly process with five essential process steps, which coordinate activities starting from the collection of data, creation of the demand plan, checking supply bottlenecks, balancing demand with supply constraints, and definition of the final S&OP plan


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