Case Study: Program Management cover

Case Study: Program Management


Overview and goals


Project Background

- Client Business: High Tech

- Scenario: COVID19 external resources reallocation into the IT customer deparment

- Goals : maintain continuity of resources to guarantee the restart of projects after

COVID situation respecting CAPEX and OPEX constrains

- Mind The Value warranties: do not lose resources and guarantee their allocation during the global pandemy period


- Functional: Departmental PMO

- Geography: Italy

- IT Application: n.a.

- Business Application: IT department consultants allocation

What we did


- Take a picture of involved resorces and external companies

- Analyze resources allocation (as is)

- Discuss with project managers and customer area leader to check real allocation

- Provide a resource re-allocation plan respecting budget constrains

- Validate with individual IT leaders the feasibility of new resources allocation

- Officialize new resources allocation plan

- Provide all needed documentation to check and monitor effective allocations

Program Management Approach


The customer was undergoing a huge budget reduction due to the COVID19 pandemic situation and so to preserve the IT workforce in light of future project a recovery plan and actions were required. Together with the IT Global PMO manager the situation has been analyzed and in cooperation with project managers and local IT leaders all resources were allocated to ongoing activities. In some cases it was necessary to cooperate with customer external vendors to temporarly unallocated resources but negotiating and guaranteing a short unallocation period maintaining overall the full retention of consultants.


KPI: more than 250 resources belonging to 20 different companies were anlyzed and combined together to build a feasible resources allocation plan. The final result was in line with customer budget constrain and all external vendors targets guaranteeing the correct sizing of the teams for the startup after pandemic.


The complexity of the project was to match the fast action required together with the wide impact considering also future implications. The actors involved were multiple and with different targets on top of the budget constrains (both CAPEX and OPEX) that were the must to to respect.

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