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Case Study: Process review


Overview and goals


Project Background

- Client Business: High Tech

- Scenario: to drive and support change management due to ERP system substitution implementing group rules inside the new system

- Goals : manage change management topics giving the ERP substitution

- Mind The Value warranties: do not generate any business disruption in applying new procedures


- Functional: SAP ECC (FI/CO/PP/MM/PM)

- Geography: USA, Spain, Portugal

- IT Application: SAP ECC Hana Database

- Business Application: Energy Cables Industry

What we did


- Business Process analysis (as is)

- Requirement collection and gaps identification

- New processes design and roles and responsibilities definition (in cooperations with the local business owners and managers)

- Technical developments definition (if any)

- Change Management plan definition

- Project aligniment pre and post go-live including business support

- KPI measurement to guarantee the effective business benefits



- Solution (ES-PT): Intra-plant stock transfer process review to be compliant with HQ group rules. Adoption of new ERP solution, personnel training and change management support (roles and responsibility definition, business procedures, etc...)

- Solution (USA): Procurement process review applying HQ segregation of duties indication. Every purchase order must be executed by procurement department only.


- KPI (ES-PT): improved stock traceability well supported with adequate IT tools and improved segregation of duties within the involved departments. Stock manual adjustment are sensibly reduced at month end.

- KPI (USA): giving that every PO is to be executed by procurement department the workload was sensibly increased. To support local business the solution with contracts (VS single specific PO) was adopted. This lead to put in place a lean procurement flow and in addition the adoption of contracts results in more convenient pricing conditions from vendors.

Each solution is implemented together with a process analysis and a solution designed to gether with local functional managers.

Together with the implementation was defined and implemented a change management plan to implement action before and after go-live

Business users are guided both from an IT and a business point of view to gain confidence with the new tool together with the new business procedures and different roles and responsibilities that they can result with.


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