Project management case study cover

Case Study: Project Management


Overview and goals


Project Background

- Client Business: High Tech

- Scenario: ERP system substitution implementing group rules inside the new system

- Build, execute and monitor the change management plan and actions

- Goals : substitute the ERP system

- Mind The Value warranties: guarantee forecasting business figures after the 1° month of post go-live


- Functional: SAP ECC (FI/CO/PP/MM/PM)

- Geography: USA

- IT Application: SAP ECC Hana Database

- Business Application: Specialty Cables Industry

What we did


- Requirement collection and gaps identification

- New IT solution definition to satisfy business requirements

- Technical developments implementation

- Prototype phase to validate IT and business solutions

- Business users training and tests to be prepared for go-live

- Production data migration

- Post go-live support

- KPI measurement to guarantee the effective business benefits

What we did


The customer SAP ECC in HANA database (as one single client) is rolled out in 5 different locations in the USA. The business involved in this implementation was the customer most complex including specialty cables. The challenge was to substitute an existing SAP system with advanced and really customized features that were fundamental to local business in order to properly run the factories. The technical complexity together with the advanced solution to be implemented without having any business impact were the main challenges to tackle.

KPI: the business figures into the involved plants improved to normal operations during the first month of post go-live support. Over 50 people were located into 5 different locations in the USA as local support to successfully close the project.

After the first month of post go-live support:

  • 100% of plants production target was acheived.

  • 100% of plants shipping target was acheived.

  • Only 9% of technical incidents remain open (60 over 645 tickets).

This was proven as to be the first projects in which a complex customer issue was tackled and successfully solved: the length calculation (issue open since 10y).
The complexity of managing of this project was increased due to multiple critical local initiatives to be monitored on top of core project team activities: MES, Marking Solution, R&D implementation

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