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Case study: Virtual Fair


Overview and goals

Overview and goals

During the pandemics, given the impossibility of organizing trade fairs in the territory, the local authorities of the Republic of Moldova found themselves dealing with two specific and urgent needs: on the one hand, the need to monetize at least part of the fairs and events planned for the yearin course and, on the other, the need to internationalize and make local products known to an even wider audience.

The client was not looking just for someone able to design and deploy the solution, but also for soemone able to support the business in defining the processes. Moreover, the solution had to be able to perfectly simulate the operation of a physical fair, taking the organizational and personalization possibilities to another level.


What we did

The platform provided, with its advanced back office, has organizational, exhibition and experimental functions that are suitable for both B2C and B2B. It is possible to create a real exhibition space for each company willing to promote its products and services and welcome visitors. Stand are fully customizable through the inclusion of multimedia content, digital marketing and its own product showcase.

What we did

The solution is totally scalable, replicable, customizable and extensible to different application areas.

Lilian Biondi Ivanov

Users of the platform are able to contact the entire ecosystem of companies and actors, from suppliers to buyers to other users. There are also spaces where is possible to organize forums and discussion tables. It is also possible to integrate the e-commerce to allow complete purchases and management systems with logistic and accounting tracking.


- 1000+ visitors

- 90+ companies

- 880+ products

- 12+ Meeting B2B

- 4+ Fairs organized

The platform allowed the Chamber of Commerce and Industries to manage online all the trade fairs that should have been held in the territory, taking advantage of the economic return and diffusion of local products also abroad.


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