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Share and transfer of Decision Making methods to our Clients
Create the necessary conditions in order to ensure that decisions are turned into measurable results
Improve business performance in Management and Operating terms
Ensure the integration and coherence between structure and organization, business operations and the approach to the competitive environment  
Step into the future with digital transformation
Go.Disrupt - Your digital innovation strategy
Analyse processes and enhance business performance
myInvenio - An advanced automated business process mining tool
Achieve full end-to-end operational control
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Data Analytics

Through the use of Data Analytics, myInvenio interprets meaningful patterns found in processes, to measure business performances and gain valuable operating insights.


The various reporting features are highly customizable, allowing the user to set series of parameters according to which immediately read and report information. The most standard features are set by default and include the time each activity takes to be completed (minimum, maximum, average) or the number of activities assigned to every resource, or again the percentage of process completion by status (complete/running). Processes can also be analyzed by filtering markets, clients , department, and any relevant KPI.


The easy-to-use dashboard delivers real-time reporting sets to the main stakeholders, who can use the in-depth process analyses to take important strategic decisions. Analytics can highlight why the events described in process workflow occur, what are the reasons behind them, and where and how much the business is investing money and time, with focus on cost control. The dashboard created to this purpose helps the front-end users to gain competitive advantage through the use of visual maps, graphics, barred graphs, filters and drill down functionalities.


With myInvenio it is possible to analyse the effects of the decisions taken, leveraging modeling features that highlight the critical paths and alternatives, in order to evaluate the performance of possible scenarios and identify the areas of improvements. Leveraging the predictive analysis functionality, myInvenio provides users with evaluations of possible next steps, in terms of cost and time control for current flows, that need corrective actions or monitoring.