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Share and transfer of Decision Making methods to our Clients
Create the necessary conditions in order to ensure that decisions are turned into measurable results
Improve business performance in Management and Operating terms
Ensure the integration and coherence between structure and organization, business operations and the approach to the competitive environment  
Step into the future with digital transformation
Go.Disrupt - Your digital innovation strategy
Analyse processes and enhance business performance
myInvenio - An advanced automated business process mining tool
Achieve full end-to-end operational control
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E-commerce Optimisation

Mind The Value provides consulting services to guide customers towards e-commerce optimisation in order to increase value creation and boost online growth.


Business Processes

E-commerce process review: order management, catalog management, logistic model, payment methods, invocing, legal standards, customer management and marketing & communication. In order to support business processes we offer to integrate e-commerce solutions with leading ERP systems, optimising user operations to improve speed of execution and process efficiency. Data flow optimisation, integrating differing communication channels such as e-mail marketing tools, CRM, PIM and Marketplaces.



Support throughout all search engine optimisation operations according to our methodology:

Phase 1 – Preliminary analysis of the Website, with deep dive on technical, structural, content and competition-related features from and internal and external perspective. A study of how such features impact the website position on search engine tools will be run in order to identify SEO main issues to tackle in order to improve strategy efficiency and website ranking.

Phase 2 – SEO Strategy definition with focus on:

·       Technical set-up to improve research visibility and website positioning on search engines

·       Identification of keywords and related content optimisation

·       Backlink strategy identification and digital media agency management

Phase 3 – Result analysis of the implemented strategy carried out through all deployment phases, followed by strategy optimisation and continuous performance monitoring


Customer Experience

Customer experience design based on behaviour monitoring and data analysis, to optimise path to purchase and identify new contact points for omnichannel strategies. Complete review of the website structure for a more efficient browsing experience, redesigning product categories and filters, optimising the sitemap and reorganising the structure of the menu.

Simplified checkout flow, by reducing the of the number of steps to checkout in order to alleviate bottlenecks, designing specific call to action to minimise shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rate.


Graphic Design

Market and Competitor Analyses to build and value identity in collaboration with the marketing and communication functions for complex multi-brand worldwide companies. Revision of website storytelling, through the application of neuromarketing techniques, dynamic content and visual effects in order to involve, attract and guide users during their journey.