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Share and transfer of Decision Making methods to our Clients
Create the necessary conditions in order to ensure that decisions are turned into measurable results
Improve business performance in Management and Operating terms
Ensure the integration and coherence between structure and organization, business operations and the approach to the competitive environment  
Step into the future with digital transformation
Go.Disrupt - Your digital innovation strategy
Analyse processes and enhance business performance
myInvenio - An advanced automated business process mining tool
Achieve full end-to-end operational control
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Advanced Marketing

Mind The Value is specialized in developing and implementing cutting edge Marketing techniques in order to support sales channels through the application of innovative technologies to business needs. We run Growth Hacking projects aimed to create personalized digital growth plans that integrate elements of graphic design, user experience, functionality, and process optimisation, supervising all phases from concept to implementation.


Machine Learning & Automation

Communication strategy design performed through funnelling techniques for the personalisation of the Path-to-Purchase. Buyer Persona Profiling performed to support the segmentation of clients by behaviour, values and motivations, followed by the implementation of automations through machine learning tools such as:

·      Personalization of contents,  product recommendations based on the segmentation of users and interests, and dynamic web contents with personalized UX.

·       One-to-one e-mail marketing, integrating newsletter platforms with automation flows for targeted communications, personalized offers, and abandoned shopping carts recovery based on users’ behaviour on all available digital platforms (e-mail, social media, website, e-commerce).

·       Chatbot implementation to support contact acquisition, gathering information from customer service and users, and automating replies and user profiling through surveys.


Tracking Systems

Monitoring services to keep track of users’ behaviour during their online interactions with the brand via different channels, from web pages to landing pages, email and social media, including tools which enable sales growth thanks to complete and informative analytics. Result analysis with KPI reports and clear goals set at the beginning of the strategic study, and measuring systems to monitor the improvements made in all the activities aimed to identify market trends and the positioning of our clients.


Marketing Campaigns

Design, creativity and scheduling of Marketing campaigns to achieve business goals, and support in selecting the best strategies and the most suited advertising channels (Google Ads, Facebook Adv, LinkedIn Ads) to drive the targeted audience to our clients’ websites and simultaneously increase Brand Awareness and conversion rates. Depending from the strategy selected, the business goals, and the optimization of the conducted campaigns, we provide support in budget allocation and advertising accounts management, centralizing all entities and providing full control on web pages, accessibility, and advertising account. Other activities carried out to support clients in managing marketing campaigns are copywriting, graphic design, and content creation [video, audio, rebranding].