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Share and transfer of Decision Making methods to our Clients
Create the necessary conditions in order to ensure that decisions are turned into measurable results
Improve business performance in Management and Operating terms
Ensure the integration and coherence between structure and organization, business operations and the approach to the competitive environment  
Step into the future with digital transformation
Go.Disrupt - Your digital innovation strategy
Analyse processes and enhance business performance
myInvenio - An advanced automated business process mining tool
Achieve full end-to-end operational control
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Mind The Value develops integrated e-commerce solutions which support clients throughout all planning and execution phases, by shaping the online sales strategy according to business requirements, and by carefully selecting the most suited technology for custom implementations of the developed solutions.

Among the activities offered, our clients can benefit from a complete optimisation of their e-commerce platforms from a process-centred point of view. Such optimization entails customer journey review, graphic design, technology selection and the integration with other systems such as ERPs, CRM solutions, content websites and blogs, PIM and more. Integrations are carried out creating integration scenarios aimed to reduce information flows’ complexity, developing tailor-made solutions and implementing technology connectors.

We support our clients in maintaining their e-commerce platforms and in implementing strategies to sustain sales growth through time such as: growth hacking strategies, optimization techniques to enhance e-commerce functionalities such as analytics to track users’ behaviour, SEO optimization on multiple search channels, marketing and communication activities, automation algorithms implementation and machine learning.

Mind The Value covers the whole spectrum of competences that may be necessary to reshape and optimize the digital strategy of our clients in order to simultaneously improve business performance and support the growth of their online channels. The team responsible for the development of e-commerce solutions comprises different subject matter experts: Web Developers, Web Designers, User Experience designers, Business Process specialists, Project Managers, System Engineers, and experts in the fields of Digital Marketing and Analytics.



Our methodology can be broken down into three different phases strictly related to each other:

Phase 1 – During the first phase our clients’ Business Objectives are identified. These goals constitute the core of the e-commerce strategy and the decisions it entails, as such they may include Internationalisation projects, sales growth strategies, new markets entry methodologies, cross-company harmonization, new technologies integration. For these reasons, Business Objectives are identified by thoroughly gathering business requirements. This phase helps define the scope of the Digital Transformation project and identify challenges and opportunities in the markets in which our clients compete.

Phase 2 – E-commerce Implementation – Mind The Value takes into consideration several aspects concerning graphics, user experience, functionality and process optimisation, managing all the different phases of the project, from design to implementation, with an integrated approach that combines business with technology. Our team of specialists covers the whole spectrum of what our clients’ needs might be and is equipped with the necessary expertise to satisfy them, such as Process Outlining and Optimization - logistics, inventory management, finance and controlling etc -, ERP systems integration, Advanced User Experience, Interface Development, etc.

Phase 3 – Maintenance, Optimisation and Development of the E-commerce sales growth Strategies – Our goal is the continuous optimization of E-commerce solutions through performance analysis and monitoring, with the aim of developing new growth and improvement strategies. To achieve such goals, we opt for market leader Optimisation and Growth Hacking Techniques to support E-commerce functionalities such as the use of Analytics to track users’ behaviour, SEO Optimization, Marketing and Communication activities [Adv, Adwords], and Machine Learning algorithms implementation.

Our Digital Transformation Methodology, aimed at supporting businesses in their everyday challenges and in the achievement of their business goals, combined with our ten-year expertise in business process engineering, guarantees an all-round approach to the development of e-commerce channels, integrating competences, functionalities, processes and technologies, and creating a tailor-made paths towards business growth for our clients.