Redefine your online sales strategy and discover all the potential of your e-commerce platform.

Mind The Value provides consulting services to guide our clients towards e-commerce optimization, to increase their value creation and boost their online growth. Our goal is to respond to any unique business requirement, identifying the right intervention that each company needs. We help our clients to remain competitive on the market, by taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by the new digital era.

What we offer

A wide portfolio of optimization services to meet your specific business needs.

When it comes to E-commerce optimization, every company has unique necessities and objectives. We offer support in a wide range of digital marketing activities, according to the business specificities and market characteristics of our client. In order to address any specific need, we provide several consulting services: we assist organizations in business process review activities, support them throughout search engine optimization (SEO) operations, redesign their customer experience or optimize the graphic design of their digital content.


Business Processes


Rely on our services to enhance all your E-commerce business processes

Mind The Value offers an in-depth analysis and optimization of all E-commerce processes. We focus on the enhancement of all the activities related to an E-commerce solution: order management, catalog management, logistic model, payment methods, invoicing, legal standards, customer management and marketing & communication. With our help, you can integrate your online sales platform with leading ERP systems, optimizing user operations to improve speed of execution and process efficiency. We also provide data flow optimization services, integrating different communication channels such as e-mail, marketing tools, CRM, PIM and Marketplaces.


Optimize your website ranking and increase your traffic rate. We assist organizations throughout all search engine optimization operations, providing an insightful analysis of our clients status quo and working as their partner to identify improvement opportunities.

Our SEO approach


To guarantee the best possible result, we follow our in-house methodology based on three sequential steps:


Mind The Value’s approach starts with an analysis of our client’s Website, to drive preliminary considerations on all its most relevant features: technical, structural, content and competition related. To provide a complete overview of the company’s current situation, we run a study on how such features impact on the website’s position on search engine tools. This allow us to identify SEO main issues that need to be tackled to improve strategy efficiency and website ranking.


After analyzing our client’s current situation, we define a winning strategy to improve its SEO positioning. We manly focus on technical set-up to improve research visibility and website positioning, combined with an identification of the best keywords to be used. In addition, we define the right backlink strategy for the website and provide digital media management services.


Once the identified strategy has been implemented, we return an in-depth analysis of the results, to continuously monitor performance and engage in possible strategy optimization activities.

Customer Experience


Provide all your clients with a new, optimized customer experience.

Design an effective customer experience, relying on the power of behavior monitoring and data analysis. With our help, you can optimize your website’s path to purchase and identify new contact points for omnichannel strategies. We offer a complete review of your website structure to deliver a more efficient browsing experience. To achieve this, our teams engage in redesigning activities of product categories and filters, combined with an optimization of the sitemap and a reorganization of the menu’s structure. Minimize the number of checkout steps from your website, relying on our support to design a simplified checkout flow. We will help you alleviate bottlenecks by creating specific call to action, with the aim of reducing shopping cart abandonment and improving conversion rate.

Graphic Design

Strengthen your online image with our cutting-edge techniques.

To help our clients reinforce their brand identity, we offer Market and Competitor Analyses in collaboration with the marketing and communication functions for complex multi-brand worldwide companies. Rely on our neuromarketing techniques and on our use of dynamic content and visual effects to completely revise your website’s storytelling. We will design an immersive customer journey where users feel involved, guided and engaged.


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