E-commerce development will be a key step of your digital strategy

We offer personalized e-commerce consulting services to meet each company’s specific business requirements. From goal identification to system maintenance and optimization, Mind The Value we’ll be by your side to help you boost your sales and achieve sustainable growth over time.

What we offer

A complete Optimization of your online sales platform.

Mind the Value offers your company support throughout all planning and execution phases of the development and implementation of an integrated e-commerce solution. In addition, we are specialized in integration projects of Magento solutions, to guarantee a 360-degree performance of your e-commerce platform. Our work focuses on the definition of the best possible strategy to meet your business requirements, combined with the ability to identify the right technology to develop an effective e-commerce platform. To achieve this, we leverage on our deep know-how of business processes engineering, an extensive experience in international projects and a team of specialists that brings all the necessary competences our clients might need.


What You can Get

Mind The Value services aims at enhancing companies’ online sales solutions adopting a process-centered point of view. Relying on MTV consulting teams, our clients can benefit from a complete optimization of their e-commerce platforms: our support spans form journey review to technology selection, including also graphic design and system integration. We don’t simply stop to platform development and implementation but help our clients to maintain their e-commerce solution and to define strategies to sustain sales growth over time.


Discover all the benefits of an integrated e-commerce solutions.

We can help you integrate your platform with other systems such as ERPs, CRM solutions, content websites and blogs, PIM and more. Our goal is to enable organizations to reduce information flows’ complexity, developing tailor-made solutions and implementing technology connectors. By integrating your e-commerce platform with other technologies, you will be able to offer a cutting-edge customer experience and to optimize the management of all your products and clients.

We support our clients in identifying new business opportunities, helping them to face business challenges in the best way.


How we work

A Three Step Approach to guarantee the best possible result.

Our Approach can be broken down into three different sequential phases:

Phase 1 – Objectives Definition

Our first goal is to identify clients’ Business Objectives: they constitute the core of the e-commerce strategy and the decisions it entails. Whether they include internationalization projects, sales growth strategies or new markets entry methodologies, Business Objectives are the key to understand all the next steps that need to be taken. For these reasons, we initially focus on gathering business requirements, to define the scope of the Digital Transformation project and identify challenges and opportunities in the markets in which our clients compete.

Phase 2 – E-commerce Implementation

When it comes to the implementation of a new e-commerce platform, Mind The Value offers a 360 degree support. We take into consideration many different aspects concerning graphics, user experience, functionality and process optimization, to guarantee a complete and consistent solution. We accompany our client throughout all the different phases of the project, from design to implementation, with an integrated approach that combines business with technology.

Phase 3 – Maintenance and Optimization

Once the new platform has been implemented, we do not stop there: our goal is the continuous optimization of E-commerce solutions, to help our clients achieve new growth levels and define improvement strategies. That is why we focus on accurate performance analysis and monitoring, leveraging on market leader Optimisation and Growth Hacking Techniques to support E-commerce functionalities (e.g, use of Analytics to track users’ behaviour, SEO Optimization, Marketing and Communication activities, Machine Learning algorithms implementation).

Why Mind the Value

We guarantee the whole spectrum of competences you need.

The team responsible for the development of e-commerce solutions comprises different subject matter experts: Web Developers, Web Designers, User Experience designers, Business Process specialists, Project Managers, System Engineers, and experts in the fields of Digital Marketing and Analytics. Our all-round approach leverages on a ten-year expertise in business process engineering combined with our own Digital Transformation Methodology. This is what makes us the perfect strategic ally to create a tailor-made path towards business growth.


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