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Any solution to your Document Management in a simple SAP tool.

Data shows us that more and more companies are deciding to move to digitalization in response to the need to reduce costs, increase service levels, and contain critical operational issues and related risks. To embrace a concept of digital transformation that considers the totality of business processes, simplifying them and making them clear, scalable, and flexible, Mind the Value offers a SAP Add On to help your company in different scenarios for your document management.

What we offer

Many advantages and applications in a smart solution.

Mind The Value offers complete support in the implementation of the Document Management Add-On natively integrated into SAP, leveraging on our expert partners. The solution allows the user to manage process-related documents through an extended and intuitive user experience, helping in different areas of the business process such as accounting, purchasing, logistics, Sales & Marketing, management, and technical department. The tool facilitates the digital archiving of documents, increase the smoothness of the flows, and improves the collaboration between business areas with a smart, flexible, and customizable solution.

What we offer

What you can get

Immediate impact at different business levels

Thanks to the add-on natively integrated into SAP you will have an immediate impact at different business levels, which will bring easier management of documents related to the processes of the ERP through an expanded and intuitive user experience.

Instant user impact

You benefit from an immediate advantage for the user through simplified document search management, an enhanced user experience in the context of SAP-integrated document management, and finally easy integration of documents through coaching and automatic history, favorite file management, recent access, application workflows and worklists.

Technical impact for your IT department

Every advantage in your document management without impacting your existing architecture, adaptable to your every need thanks to a rich environment of Badi, which are implemented by customizing standard SAP tools, all obviously multilingual.

Strategic impact for executive management

All the necessary information is at your management’s fingertips in a simple and intuitive way, allowing the implementation of document projects based on the mapping of your business processes and their reference to documents. Everything by natively leveraging SAP’s ERP logic, thus allowing you to create document files that inherit the links among management system objects.

Scope and application scenarios for Document Management

No limitations for your document management approach on SAP applications at different corporate areas

Administration, finance & control

Administration, finance & control

Digital archiving of documents of the active and passive cycle, workflow invoice supply, as well as the digitalization of billing

Logistics, purchasing and production

Logistics, purchasing & production

Digital storage in SAP of suppliers’ documents and contracts’ schedules, integration of digital signature and blockchain, smoother documentation workflow

Sales & marketing

Sales & marketing

Efficient management of catalogs and product documentation, improvement of the approval workflow on offers and sales orders



Management of technical drawings, prototypes, certificates' documentation and tests of new products

Why Mind The Value

Decennial experience in ERP consulting.

With our decades of experience in the implementation of ERP systems, specialized in SAP as golden partners, we are the right consultancy for any process of digitalization and document management. Furthermore, we can find the most cost-effective Document Management solution for your needs and for any area of your organization, thus greatly improving documents' flow and avoiding bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Why Mind The Value

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