Be Immediate, Be Analytic, Be Accurate.

In a scenario in which Market doesn’t allow to keep high gain margin anymore, Controller figure represents a focal point of the Enterprise. He Analyzes the Period/Year results, in a “by destination” shape and perspective. He needs cost reclassification, product cost analysis, COGS and Intentory evaluation tools: automatics and efficients.​

What we offer

Experience at the service of Creativity.

Each Company has its own peculiarities and its own business model. It can be already consolidated or to be designed.

Already existing success cases can be used as model, but they cannot fit at 100%.

This statement is even more valid referring to the Controlling model (Financial and Industrial).

To build or to fine tune a Controlling model is the most exiting part of our work and we are proud of it.


What You can Get

What You can Get

A tailor-made for you Controlling Model Discussions with your Controlling department with the right questions/topic can help to surface hide requirement.

Introducing and presenting already faced models in our background can speed up the process.

Analyzing the importance of a robust Controlling model in terms of benefits and cost saving can create an asset for the future.

Chose the tool that best fit with your requirement.

How we imagine it



As much as possible a Controlling model has to represent a complete dashboard to monitor Company result and marginality day by day also before the end of the month.


Internal transformation activities must be correctly rated Production efficiency must be readable at Production Order, Material or Plant level. Also re-work processes must be traced.

Costs and revenues need to be collected at BU line level in order to highlight their specific marginality.


Lots of data can be driven in Controlling and made available for reporting and analysis. All Company processes and events are herald of significant result in profitability. Here some examples.

- Sales prices can be compared with ad hoc cost estimations can provide a real time margin calculation.

- Different logic in Production BoM and Routings can drive to different comparable scenarios.

- Hedging, Fair Value, Forex Adjustment and every financial operation can be driven @ EBITDA level and fix the marginality.

Why Mind the Value


Building a Controlling model is the most creative part of designing a business model. Normally your interest grows with increasing the awareness of its potential. We are glad to follow you on this path.

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